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Works by Tom Johnson

Parcours chronologique de l’œuvre de Tom Johnson

A lecture given by Gilbert Delor (based on his thorough work in progress for a planned book about Tom Johnson) on Tom’s 80th birthday in November 2019.
PDF file (18 pages, in French)

  • Author: Gilbert Delor
  • Publisher: N/A
  • Year: 2019

Hétérotopies musicales: Modèles mathématiques de la musique

Frank Jedrzejewski’s latest book, in French. You may also want to refer to his earlier book in English, Mathematical Theory of Music (Delatour, 2006).

  • Author: Frank Jedrzejewski
  • Publisher: Hermann Éditeurs
  • Year: 2019

La Musique, les mathématiques et Tom Johnson

Lecture given at the Henri Poincaré Institute on Feb. 17, 2017. With a mathematical introduction by Jean-Paul Delahaye and musical illustrations by flutist Amélie Berson.
Full video available online (in French).

  • Author: Tom Johnson
  • Publisher: Henri Poincaré Institute
  • Year: 2017

Écouter un Block Design

Tom Johnson explains how he came to use block designs in his music. (In French, with substantial sections in English).
PDF file

Tu vois ce que j’entends ? – Le visuel dans l’œuvre de Tom Johnson

An article (in French) by Gilbert Delor written for the 2014 book Permutations,…. Probably the best analysis to date of Tom Johnson’s visual approach to music structures.
PDF file

  • Author: Gilbert Delor
  • Publisher: Curtat Tunnel & Forde
  • Year: 2014

How could a composer come to write “rational” melodies?

Liner notes for the CD Rational Melodies recorded by Dedalus.

PDF file. Read liner notes.

  • Author: Gilbert Delor
  • Publisher: New World Records
  • Year: 2010

Minimalisme en musique : Encore à la recherche d'une définition

A conference included in the compilation L’expérience de l’expérimentation edited by Matthieu Saladin.

[French, français]


Tom Johnson : le simple du village

Minimalisme et déterminisme en musique

[French, français]

An academic paper (unfortunately not without some mistakes), originally included in a Canadian publication.

PDF file.

Une Soirée d’accidents

“Je vais au Théâtre de la Ville pour voir Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker. Pourquoi. C’était dans mon abonnement. C’est un accident.”
PDF file.

[French, français]

  • Author: Tom Johnson
  • Year: 2004