1977 Selected articles

David Tudor’s Homemade Pulsers

Yoko Ono’s Snow

Laurie Anderson at the Holly Solomon Gallery

Avant-Gardists Reach Toward the People: Alvin Curran, Ingram Marshall, David Mahler, and Warren Burt

Takehisa Kosugi Happens Again

Charlemagne Palestine Ascends

Robert Ashley Documents the Aether

Artists Meet at Niblock’s Loft: Malcolm Goldstein

Gordon Mumma and Alvin Lucier Make New Connections

Joel Chadabe’s Singing Machine

The Music Talks: Lucio Pozzi and Robert Ashley

What Is Minimalism Really About?

Maryanne Amacher at the Kitchen

Carole Weber’s Music for Homemades

Bob Sheff for Twelve Hours

Pauline Oliveros Meditates

Rhys Chatham’s Music is Hard to Hear

Seven Kinds of Minimalism