Selected articles 1972–1982 1972

Steve Reich’s ‘Drumming’ (dec. 9, 1971)

The First Meredith Monk Review

Improvising in the Kitchen

The Minimal Slow-Motion Approach: Alvin Lucier and Others

Philip Glass’s New Parts

Frederic Rzewski, Petr Kotik, and Melodies

Phill Niblock: Out-of-Tune Clusters

John Cage at (Almost) 60

Rhys Chatham: One-Note Music

La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Philip Glass

Opening the Kitchen Season: Laurie Spiegel, Jim Burton, Judy Sherman, Garrett List

Jim Burton’s ‘Six Solos’

Joel Chadabe and Garrett List

Victor Grauer: A Long Hum Drone Hum Hum

Charles Dodge: The Computer Sings


Music for the Planet Earth

Meredith Monk, Kirk Nurock, Jon Gibson, Alvin Curran

David Behrman: Slides and Whooshes

Morton Feldman’s ‘Voices and Instruments II’

Phill Niblock on Fourth Street

The Queen of the South Returns: Alvin Lucier

Charlemagne Palestine’s Perception

Minimal Material: Eliane Radigue

Terry Riley Returns to Tonality

A Christian Wolff Metaphor

‘In C’ in Concert: Terry Riley

Lukas Foss’s ‘Map’

Steve Reich Tries out Two Works

The Sonic Arts Union: Robert Ashley, David Behrman, Alvin Lucier, Gordon Mumma

Learning from ‘Two Gongs’: Rhys Chatham

The Max Neuhaus Beep: But What’s it for?

Shredding the Climax Carrot

A La Monte Young Diary: Feb. 1968-June 1973

David Tudor’s ‘Rainforest’

Soundings from the West Coast

Musica Elettronica Viva at the New York Cultural Center

John Cage at the Kitchen


New Music: A Progress Report

The New Wilderness Preservation Band

Yoshi Wada’s Pipe Horns

Charlemagne Palestine: Electronics, Voice, and Piano

Frederic Rzewski’s ‘Struggle’

Paul DeMarinis’s Pygmy Gamelan

Carole Weber’s Meditations

Annea Lockwood’s Water Music

Robert Ashley: A Radical Statement

Jon Hassell: Solid State

Max Neuhaus’s Water Whistle

Musica Elettronica Viva

Philip Corner’s Metal Meditations and Daniel Goode’s Circular Thoughts

Christian Wolff: Exercises and Songs

Philip Glass in Twelve Parts

Electronic Caricatures

A La Monte Young Diary: July 1973-April 1974

A La Monte Young Diary: April 1974

Confronting the Ears Head On

Scratch Music—No Rights Reserved

Mauricio Kagel in New York

In Memoriam Charles Ives

Male Soprano with Wings

Richard Landry

Suspended Bell Gives Concert

The Evolution of Jim Burton

David Behrman: A 1974 Summary


Alvin Curran: Aural Cinema

Research and Development: Joan La Barbara

John Cage: Music from Stars

Morton Feldman’s Instruments

Charlie Morrow Composes by Numbers

Jackson Mac Low: Anagramusic

Laurie Spiegel and the Bell Labs Computer

Jon Gibson: 36-Tone Logic

Richard Teitelbaum on the Threshold

The New Reich: Steve Reich

Stuart Dempster Plays Didjeridu

John Cage’s ‘Empty Words’

‘Text Sound Pieces’: Charles Amirkhanian and Friends

Icebergs and Paper Clips: William Hellermann

Distant Sounds of Maryanne Amacher

Connie Beckley Sings a Spiral


The Years of Innovation Pass On

The Years of Innovation Pass On (Continuation)

What Is Improvising? Annea Lockwood and Many Others

Rehearsing ‘Einstein on the Beach’: Philip Glass and Robert Wilson

How to Perform John Cage

Charles Ives in Brooklyn

Percussion for Professionals—And for Amateurs

Meredith Monk’s ‘Quarry’

Steve Reich and 18 Other Musicians

Barbara Benary Brings Java to Jersey

Pauline Oliveros and Philip Corner: Meditation Music

Jon Deak’s Dire Expectations

Four Versions of Christian Wolff’s ‘Burdocks’

Serious Music Can Be Too Serious

Amateur Music: Christian Wolff and Others

Gavin Bryars’s Work Is Good Four Ways

Sound Sculpture Sings

Intermedia Today: William Hellermann and Richard Kostelanetz

John Cage Goes to Boston: A Bicentennial Premiere

Julius Eastman and Daniel Goode: Composers Become Performers

Frederic Rzewski: The People United

Creating the Context: Max Neuhaus

Is There a Greatness Shortage?

How to Find Michael Galasso and Guy Klucevsek


David Tudor’s Homemade Pulsers

Yoko Ono’s Snow

Laurie Anderson at the Holly Solomon Gallery

Avant-Gardists Reach Toward the People: Alvin Curran, Ingram Marshall, David Mahler, and Warren Burt

Takehisa Kosugi Happens Again

Charlemagne Palestine Ascends

Robert Ashley Documents the Aether

Artists Meet at Niblock’s Loft: Malcolm Goldstein

Gordon Mumma and Alvin Lucier Make New Connections

Joel Chadabe’s Singing Machine

The Music Talks: Lucio Pozzi and Robert Ashley

What Is Minimalism Really About?

Maryanne Amacher at the Kitchen

Carole Weber’s Music for Homemades

Bob Sheff for Twelve Hours

Pauline Oliveros Meditates

Rhys Chatham’s Music is Hard to Hear

Seven Kinds of Minimalism


The Content of John Cage

Alison Knowles, Shoes, and Gertrude Stein

Trembles from William Hellermann

Garrett List Brings Them Together

The Kitchen Grows Up

Recent Concerts of Phill Niblock, Yoshi Wada, Jim Burton, and Jon Deak

More Than a Percussionist: Bob Becker

New Forms for New Music

Nigel Rollings Has Some Good Ideas

A La Monte Young Diary: Oct. 1974-Sept. 1978

The New Tonality in Works of Steve Reich, Frederic Rzewski, and Brian Eno

Documentary Music: Gavin Bryars, Philip Corner, and Others

Morton Feldman Writes an ‘Opera’

Ethnomusicologists in Concert: Paul Berliner and Others


James Tenney Returns

A Phill Niblock Update

Whatever Happened to the Avant-Garde?

Pinball Music

Young Composers Series: John Adams, Michael Nyman, Paul Dresher, Ingram Marshall

Form a Citizens Band

Richard Teitelbaum, George Lewis, William Hawley

An Old-Fashioned Fluxus Concert

Takehisa Kosugi and Akio Suzuki: Stunning by Coincidence

Jon Deak, Ben Johnston, Yoshi Wada, Philip Corner, Laurie Spiegel, Emmanuel Ghent

Petr Kotik and Gertrude Stein

New Music New York New Institution

The Role of Number One

Contradictions and Glenn Branca’s Static


Robert Rutman, Bruce Fier, and New Instruments

The European Avant-Garde Marches On

Frederic Rzewski’s Thirteen Studies

Carles Santos Invents Passionate Minimalism

Harry Bertoia’s Metallic Wonderland

A New York Gamelan

Aimless Major and Other Keys: Pauline Oliveros, Phill Niblock, Julius Eastman, Romulus Franceschini, Harold Budd

Giacinto Scelsi at Sunset

Sound Poetry for Many Reasons

Takehisa Kosugi, Pauline Oliveros, and Transcendental Experience

New Music America Takes Over a Town

The Quest-for-Freedom Theory

John Zorn and Other Improvisors

Getting Looped: Robert Moran and Others

Evan Parker’s Free Sax

John Cage’s Themes and Variations


Stuart Dempster and Stephen Scott: A Progress Report

Maximalism on the Beach: Philip Glass

The Real Tambourine Man: Glen Velez

Charlie Morrow vs. Carles Santos


Hungarian Minimalism: Zoltan Jeney

On the Fringe of Paris: Pierre Marietan, Eliane Radigue, Horacio Vaggione

The Filter-Up Theory

A Jackson Mac Low High Point

John Cage at 36

The Canon Master: Conlon Nancarrow at 70

Piano Man: Hans Otte

Ruffling Feathers: Luc Ferrari

A Farewell Article