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Works by Tom Johnson

I want to find the music

“It often takes much longer to find a good piece than to compose one.”

PDF file; A German version is available as part of Finding Music.

  • Author: Tom Johnson
  • Publisher: Not published
  • Year: N/A


On Form/Über Form

For the anthology FORM, Pfau Verlag, 1999. PDF file.
Für die Anthologie FORM, Pfau Verlag, 1999. PDF file.

  • Author: Tom Johnson
  • Publisher: Pfau Verlag
  • Year: 1999

Tiling in My music/Pflaster in meiner Musik

Abstract: Rhythmic canons and other one-dimensional tiling techniques dominated my composing for two or three years, and a number of instrumental pieces, both solo and ensemble, evolved during this time. With numerous examples, I have put together a little survey of different ways in which I have done this, often leaving holes and using other procedures not normally considered correct.

PDF file [English] [German].

  • Author: Tom Johnson
  • Year: 2008